Lidia Melcon - Vinyasa / Kids Yoga

Yoga with Lidia is all about:
Proportion, line, space and form.
Timing, rhythm, melody and movement.
The connection between emotion, sensation and posture.
Interpersonal dynamics and communication.
The devotional, ceremonial and meditative aspects of conscious movement.
The release of held emotion and trauma through the release of tension in the body.

Effects are:
It grounds us in our physical bodies, our sensations and the present moment (meditation in movement).
It encourage and support a healthy sense of trust (acro yoga movements).
It teaches us that strength and control are only an important half of the story ( let go dance movement).
and it brings the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature into balance (Hatha Yoga;Ha:sun Tha:moon, idâ: inhale pingalâ: exhale).
It strengthens our confidence and elegance in movements. (life)

Yogamoves is an association of different classes, in Basel, Lausanne and Geneva...with Lidia who enjoys sharing this art. Ashtanga Yoga mainly but other disciplines too wich complet it.

The beauty of yoga practice, massages or others are particular to each and all, so it s recommend to discover their diverses apects and then find a discipline or technic which corresponds to very personal needs to be able to cultivate knowledge and well being with ease.

Inde-Thaïlande 1996/2000:

Ashtanga mysore style

Massage thai

Vipassana (méthode de méditation)


Australie 2001-2002 : Ecole d enseignant de yoga a Yoga Arts avec:

Louisa Sears
Mathew Sweeney
Lance Schuler
Glenn Ceresoli
Rachel etc..

Pratique de l'ashtanga yoga:

Australie 2002-03 Dena Kingsberg, Mathew Sweeney

Goa 2004 Nancy Gilghoff

Autriche 2005 Nancy Gilghoff

Espagne 2003/08 Thomas Zorzo

Crete 2004 Pierre et Rada

Crete 2005 Michael Gannon

Suisse 2004-2005 : Connaissances d'anatomie et Coach en développement personnel à l’Académie des arts Thérapeutiques.
avec: Jean Marc Terraz

2005 Thérapeute agréé par l'ASCA.

2006 Recherche personelle : Le lien entre le développement personnel et le "Yoga Chikitsa"

Suisse 2007/08 Zinal, Festival de Yoga Européen

In Switzerland :

2003 Fondation de Yogamoves

2003-05 Enseignant de yoga dans les fitness : Holmes Place, Migros, Country Club, Mirador, Beau Rivage…
2003-05 Yoga pour enfants ds le cadre de Passeport Vacances

2004-06 Ouverture du Studio Yoga-Asana avec Sophie Gunsboug, Gwendal Le Martelot, Eddy Katry...

2008- 2017 Formations/Stages

2017 La Fauna Concept Store & Yoga Therapy Room