Yoga Styles

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga comes from Patanjali s Yoga (Yoga-Sutra) and refers to the clasical yoga of 8 « branches ».

Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhyana, Samadhi.

The 2 first aspects of yoga are refered to a moral code of conduct of the yogi.
Asana (physical posture) and Pranayama (breathe control) allows to reinforce body s immune system and is a preparation to the concentration exercises and meditation (Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana).
The samadhi refers to absolut liberation state to which the yogi aspires through his practice.The ashtanga yoga started in Occident in the sixtie thanks to the enthousiasm of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's first students. Pathabi Jois is the actual representant of this practice, he resides in Mysore, South India.

That yoga got first develloped in english speaking countries and is now getting more common in European countries.

The peculiar part of this yoga is a dynamic sequence of the Asanas (postures) and his conscient, active, regular breath (Ujay breath).

The classes we propose you will contain the following aspects of Ashtanga Yoga :

      - Asana (posture)
      - Vinyasa (synchronisation of breath and mouvement)
      - Pranayama (breath techniques)
      - Drishtis (looking place)
      - Bandhas (energy s lock)
      - Relaxation

Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced by everyone in a soft, mindfull way and respecting the body's limites.

Dena Kingsberg, Louisa Sear, Lance Schuler, Nancy Gilgoff, Danny Paradise, Matthew Sweeney, Thomas Zorzo...belong among the first ashtanga certified yoga teachers
I was so lucky to have them as teachers along my path. I feel very grateful, Thank you.

Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance with Lidia is all about:
Proportion, line, space and form.
Timing, rhythm, melody and movement.
The connection between emotion, sensation and posture.
Interpersonal dynamics and communication.
The devotional, ceremonial and meditative aspects of conscious movement.
The release of held emotion and trauma through the release of tension in the body.

Effects are:
It grounds us in our physical bodies, our sensations and the present moment (meditation in movement).
It encourage and support a healthy sense of trust (acro yoga movements).
It teaches us that strength and control are only an important half of the story (let go dance movement).
and it brings the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature into balance (Hatha Yoga;Ha:sun Tha:moon, idâ: inhale pingalâ: exhale).
It strengthens our confidence and elegance in movements. (life)

Lidia Melcón


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. From the Sanskrit (to place in a special way) vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow. Inhalation is usually connected to upward, open movements, while exhalation is often tied to downward movements or twists.


Kids Yoga

Kids do yoga too.

Easy and fun classes are proposed for 7 to 12 year old kids.

Price: 10.-
45 min.
Wednesday 2PM-3PM