Yoga for all


Who can practice yoga and enjoy his pleasures?

Yoga is for EVERYBODY, doesn't matter which are your physical skills.
You will benefit of yoga's wellbeing weather you're just starting to discover your body or wether you are an athletic person.

To answer more precisely to everyone's personal needs, we have organised different levels.



Level 1

The classes of level one are open to everyone but they concern mainly the beginers.
The two sun salutations will be practiced and the standing postures teached.
The primary series sitting postures will be introduced.

: 1H30

Level 2

This class concern people wich have followed several classes of level 1 and wich have memorised the standing postures sequence. The sitting postures will be completed and practiced.

: 1H30


Level 3 - Mysore Class

Mysore classes means free or self-practice, everyone following his own rhythm.
This level is dedicated only to those who have memorised standing and sitting postures learned during level 1 and 2 and which feel confident to practice alone.

During Mysore classes the teacher doesn't guide your practice. He is just present to adjust you and teach you the next posture depending on your level.

: 1H30 - 2H00