YTT RYT 200H-300H

- It is requested from the participant to have a yoga practice since minimum 2 years before to register and being able to prove it by a letter, a certificate of his ex studio/teachers.

- the formation is recognized by YA (Yoga Alliance):
and not by the FSY: or other European associations.


- the pupils, once their diploma in hand will be able to present itself as free candidates at the FSY if they wish it.

- the pupil or participant obtains a Certificate of teacher of Hatha Yoga with which he will be able to propose his classes in the health centers, fitness, yoga studios... in Switzerland or abroad

- the formation will proceed in Switzerland, I considered it important to obtain the recognition of the ASCA for the formation, so that the pupil, can if he wishes it, continue a formation in the therapy and be recognized as a yoga therapeutist approved by the ASCA and the RME.

- It contains 200(200 RYT) hours and is held over 10 months a minimum 3 run of 1h30 of practice (rather dynamic if possible) per week in a studio of yoga of the choice of the pupil (provided that the studio or the selected teacher meets the conditions necessary ) and 1 weekend per month with the teacher in charge in the workshop (ex: Intro with Philosophie of Yoga, Intro in Ayurveda, Intro with the Iyengar method, the 4 pillars duYoga Vinyasa Karma, Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to the Vipassana method, Intro to Vinyasa Yoga etc...) the total of the week ends is 10.