Meditative Water Therapy

A Wataflow session can last between one or two hours depending on each individual's needs. Both on land and in water body work is given. You will be guided through this experience by a therapist with experience in Physical therapy and in Wataflow

Dance & Meditation or Movement Therapy Dance MDT

What is dancing meditation?
Dance As A Form Of Meditation

Dancing is like meditation which gets the body moving rhythmically. Through meditative dancing, hormones that bring us the feel good factor suddenly start moving rapidly and give life to each and every cell in the body.
The somatosensory cortex and emotion
It can bring repressed memories to the surface, provoke emotional reactions, and create state shifts. This is one of the superpowers of meditation based interventions and dance movement therapy.
Religious scholar Karen Armstrong describes the state of meditative dance as when dancer becomes inseparable from the dance. You should have what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it Flow.